Clipping of old newspaper on a blue background with the words Welcome Back 校友.


The 北科罗拉多大学 is commemorating a major milestone this year, celebrating a century of 传统, 竞争s, community, laughter and coming 首页.  

今年的庆祝活动是100周年th 这所大学的返校活动和特色 一周的活动和事件, 10月. 9-15. Although the days of getting dressed to the nines to attend the football game or participating in the annual Hellzabruin talent show have evolved into different 庆祝活动随着学生兴趣的改变而改变, the central theme and tradition of community coming together and welcoming 校友 回到校园是永远存在和永恒的.  

As Lyndsey Crum, ’05, assistant vice president for 校友 Relations emphasizes, 首页coming 这不仅仅是一周的活动吗. 

“首页coming is the university’s tradition of celebrating our community. 当我们邀请 校友 to return to UNC and encourage current students to celebrate the community 他们每天都在一起分享,”克拉姆说.  

“And for the 校友 who live far from the borders of campus, 首页coming is an open 邀请和提醒:一次为熊,终身为熊. 当然是格里利和北方 Colorado would not be Bear Country if not for the thousands of 校友 who remain in our local community, including the many 校友 working with the Greeley-Evans School District, the City of Greeley, Banner 健康, UC 健康 and businesses across the 地区.” 

Excerpts from UNC’s 1924 “Cache La Poudre” yearbook heralded the return of 400 then 7000名校友参加了1923年的第一次返校. 今天,大约有16万名UNC 校友 who have passed through the university since its founding in 1889.

The activities awaiting those who return to campus this year include class reunions, 校友 get togethers, 事件 for family and friends, a 5K race, a bonfire and fireworks 当然,还有车尾聚会和橄榄球比赛.

“I am most excited to kick off the week with our 校友 Campus Employee Breakfast, 10月星期一. 克拉姆说. “博天堂官方恰好是我们自己校友的顶级雇主 they deserve to be recognized and thanked for all that they do each day. 开始 with a ‘thank you’ sets the stage for a warm and welcoming week of activities for 学生及校友.”


1928年从Cache la Poudre拍摄的返校年鉴照片.

From the very first 首页coming, 校友 have been welcomed back to campus with open 武器. That message was especially meaningful in 1945 for the university’s “Welcome 退伍军人返乡庆典. 作为学生报纸 镜子, explained, behind the theme lies the loyalty, pride and love that the students held 为了从二战中归来的熊兄弟们. 

“今天, 首页coming is defined in its literal meaning—our boys have come 首页! 首页 从战争中! . . . 有些人永远回不了家. 让我们不要忘记那些不喜欢的人 今天和我们在一起,”报纸上写道. “对你们这些可以和我们在一起的老兵,我们说,‘欢迎 回来,兽医的! 正是因为你,我们才得以庆祝1945年的返乡节!” 

这是 only one year after the inception of 首页coming that a lesser-known tradition grew 它的根源也是如此.


毕业纪念册上的返校照片摄于1954年的Cache la Poudre.

Some 校友 may still remember Hellzabruin, called “the Vaudeville show” until 1942, an annual talent show that for some was one of 首页coming’s most beloved 事件. 甚至 though many of the most spirited and involved 校友 from recent years draw a blank at the unfamiliar name, it has a striking similarity to one of today’s most popular 传统. 

Competing in Hellzabruin, students might sing their way through the 竞争 or, 就像1977年一样,她跳肚皮舞,对口型模仿塞尔玛·休斯顿.

今天’s Bear Sync 竞争 could be seen as a continuation of Hellzabruin, with different talents on display as members of Greek life battle in a lip sync and choreographed 竞争. 

Fraternity and sorority members dressed in black and orange dancing together


A large number of students wearing black and orange huddled together smiling






In 1956, a new tradition was born from students collecting brooms to set on fire and 走在地狱废墟之后的街道上. 扫把游行以 篝火的点燃. 从这些扫帚收藏中成长为扫帚王和 女王. When first-year students became responsible for collecting brooms for the parade. They decided to have some fun with it and stir up a little friendly 竞争. 

It started out that every dormitory would collect as many brooms as possible, then the women’s and men’s dormitories that collected the most brooms would elect a Broom King and Broom 女王 to be crowned at Hellsaslidin, an annual dance, and lead the 从地狱之城到篝火的扫把游行. 



Unfortunately, somewhere between 1956 and now, the Broom Parade, and with it the tradition 为扫帚国王和王后加冕的仪式结束了. 是否因为扫帚通常 made of plastic now, a lack of interest or the danger of students parading through the streets with blazing broomsticks, the end of the Broom Parade is unknown. 什么 但没变的是篝火的点燃. 今天,篝火是耦合的 with a fireworks display and a performance from UNC’s Pride of the Rockies Marching 乐队在足球比赛前的星期五晚上举行.  

快进到今年,博天堂官方100周年th 首页coming is a culmination of a century’s worth of these 传统 and the rich history of welcoming students, families, 校友 and friends back to campus. 为了纪念 the occasion, the university is collecting as many 校友 memories as possible to 成为它的一部分 校友口述历史计划. All 校友 are invited and encouraged to share their fondest memories, favorite 传统和珍贵的校园故事. 到明年的返校节, there will be a compilation of 校友 stories showcasing the treasured stories of 校友. 

克里斯·科布,2003年,M.A. ’09, Ph.D. 2014年,学生参与的执行董事是 excited at the prospect of all the memories that will be made at this year’s 首页coming 事件. 

“I'm really excited about all the things we have to offer for 首页coming week because we have 20 or more 事件 that will really get 校友 and families involved, and not 当然还有学生,”科布说. 

All 校友, families and friends are welcome and encouraged to join in the 首页coming 今年的庆祝活动. 回忆他们在学校的时光和参加的活动 part in as a student, and maybe even watch current students put a modern spin on those 相同的事件. For all we know, attendees could be watching a new UNC tradition take 形状.